What Makes the Holy Grail of Essays So Holy?

Every essayist (published or otherwise) is familiar with the New York Times Modern Love column. It's one of the most high profile spaces for unknown writers to publish their personal essays. More recently, it's also spawned a popular podcast. Can it, Andrea Jarrell explores, change a writer's career?

"I’d learned that slipping my New York Times Modern Love credit into the conversation quickly established my bona fides with other writers. The column’s high profile and one-in-a-hundred weekly acceptance rate has put it on many a writer’s bucket list. But I was taken aback when one of the women in our group asked, “Did it change your life?”

It seemed a little silly to think a single essay could change one’s life. Yet I knew what she was asking: Had agents and publishers beaten down my door after the essay appeared?" ~ Andrea JarrellCAN THE NEW YORK TIMES’ MODERN LOVE COLUMN CHANGE A WRITER’S LIFE?

It's an interesting read to a question I've more or less wondered myself, though the primary Modern Love question I have is: What story about love do I have that's worth 1,500 words in the New York Times? I'll keep exploring that one, and I'll be happy to discuss how it affected my career when I've done it. ;) 

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