Motivation is a Myth, Action is Real

It's easy to procrastinate on big dream projects or, worse, get excited about an idea and then dismiss it as unrealistic. It's easy to stay in your head and think about what you could do rather than actually do the things that you're excited about.

Perhaps it's because once you start taking action, you move the idea from the realm of dreamy perfection to the real world with all of its flaws and complications. (All of my writing ideas ideas are brilliant successes in my head! Why sully that perfection by making them real?) And yet, the real world is the only place where things can have tangible results, and results require action. 

Last month, I took a 30-day intensive business coaching course. I'm self-employed, and it's really helpful for me to learn new strategies for focusing and making progress on my career goals. (And I like having the accountability of group check-ins!) A fellow course participant (and a professor of personal branding) recommended this video featuring Mel Robbins as a way to reduce my anxiety about potential projects and career goals and achieve more.

I thought Robbins' message was really useful for writers and other creatives. Stop thinking, start doing.

If you've heard Robbins speak before, have her techniques worked for you? What helps you get out of your head and into action?


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